The history of the Filarmonica has distant roots, but the first document recognized by Italian law, as an act of association, dates from the 15th October 1953; it consisted of 58 articles. This statute has been adjourned: the first time on the 6th of April 1978 and the second time on 23rd of May 1981. The last revision of the Statute took place on the 14th of December 2009 and it consists of 25 articles. Our intention is not to list all the articles of this last Statute, which anyhow remains at the disposition of whoever will apply for it. Naturally one can also take vision of the previous documents, there included the old rule of 1920. In fact, through some researches made in our archives, a document of 1920 has been found, regarding the application of the Statute, constituted of 38 articles.
This document is an actual part of our local history; as a matter of fact, it is a document in artistic style of a certain period. This rule is curious: it reflects conceptions, autdated today:

"for instance: the absences from the rehearses or from the services had to be justified and it wasn´t permitted to be absent before the end of the rehearsal, except for special authorization.".

Emblematic is article n.1: "whoever wishes to belong to the musical body must present an application to the Board of Directors, accompanied by a certificate of the Maestro testifying his/her real attitude to music. Those admitted to be part of the Band will put his/her own signature to the Social Statute; for the minors, it is the father, or whoever will represent them, to sign. The names of the new members will be published in the room of the gatherings"!